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The quote “Life is tough, but so are you” serves as a powerful and uplifting reminder that challenges and hardships are an inevitable part of the human experience. It encapsulates the idea that despite the difficulties and obstacles one may face, inner strength, resilience, and determination are equally formidable forces. This phrase encourages individuals to confront adversity with a positive mindset, acknowledging their ability to endure and overcome tough situations. It carries a message of self-empowerment, urging people to believe in their own capacity to navigate through life’s trials and emerge stronger on the other side. Ultimately, “Life is tough, but so are you” inspires a sense of fortitude and confidence in facing the uncertainties of life.

  • Printed with a high gloss durable finish and sturdy chipboard backing
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Includes reference print for putting the puzzle together
  • Comes in 4 sizes, 30 Piece, 110 Piece, 252 Piece, and 500 Piece.
  • 30pc – 11x14in, 110pc – 8x10in, 252pc – 10x14in, 500pc – 16x20in

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30pc, 110pc, 252pc, 500pc

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Life is Tough But So are You Quote 30pc V Loose Mockup 2
Life is Tough, But So are You Jigsaw Puzzle


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Life is Tough But So are You Quote 30pc V Loose Mockup 2

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